RTCP support in H.248? [RE: RTCP support in H.323]

Tom-PT Taylor taylor at NORTELNETWORKS.COM
Thu May 17 07:51:54 EDT 2001

H.248/Megaco does not have to mention RTCP because support of RTCP at the
Media Gateway is implicit.  There are a number of statistics related to the
RTP package which would be very difficult to gather without the use of RTCP.

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> Subject: RTCP support in H.248? [RE: RTCP support in H.323]
> And what is the situation in H.248/Megaco? I did not find any 
> reference to
> RTCP in this recommendation.
> Ernst Horvath
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> Betreff: RTCP support in H.323
> All,
>    I'll be lazy and ask rather than looking through the ASN.1 
> to find it...
> Is there support in H.323 for signaling to use RTCP?
>    There is a current thread on the IETF AVT e-mail reflector where
> talk is of making RTCP mandatory (i.e.-changing it from a SHOULD
> to a MUST in the RTP specification).  The last I heard was that the
> MUST would apply to implementing RTCP, and not necessarily to
> using it.  Presumably the application level call signaling 
> protocol can
> be responsible for signaling whether RTCP was to be used.
>    If an endpoint implemented RTCP it should at least benignly ignore
> received RTCP reports and would not need to send any.  So a given
> operator could specify that RTCP not be signaled if it were not
> practical in their network.  Obvious examples would be wireless
> networks and cable networks where there are access bandwidth
> constraints.
> Cheers,
> Rex
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