Delayed contribution to SG16 meeting

Takashi Suzuki suzuki at SPG.YRP.NTTDOCOMO.CO.JP
Tue May 15 06:31:49 EDT 2001

Dear Experts,

I have sent the attached delayed contribution to TSB as follows:

Question: 3
Title: Proposal for the new Annex M.4/H.248
        (Packages for H.324 and H.323 interworking)
Source: NTT DoCoMo, Inc.

In this contribution, according to the comments provided during
the Launceston meeting, we propose several properties to achieve
H.324 - H.323 interworking where H.245 control is done on the MGC.

This document also contains the property to support the H.324
communication modes other than H.324 mobile. (e.g., H.324 PSTN,
H.324 ISDN)

These properties are intended to be added into the package defined
in the draft Annex M.4 which will be submitted as a WP2 TD.

I apologize to attach the contribution to this email.
I couldn't access the ftp site.

I look forward to your comments or suggestions.

Best regards,
   Takashi Suzuki
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