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Dear colleagues,

I have been requested to pass on to you the following additional
information regarding the SG 16 meeting in Brazil:
- It is advised that all good carried by the travellers (except for
  personal effects in quantity and quality compatible with the length
  and purpose of the trip) that exceed the global value of US$500 be
  declared in the form "Declaration for Accompanined Luggage"
  ("Declaração de Bagagem Acompanhada", DBA). The DBA will be available
  in the customs at the airport printed in English, Spanish, and
  Portuguese. In the case of personal laptops, cameras, etc, whose value
  exceeds R$3,000 (~US$1,200), a permit for temporary admission will be
  issued from the declation of the goods in the DBA. This will allow the
  items the enter and exit Brazil without the imposition of taxes. The
  traveller should upon arrival go to the (red) "Goods to Declare"
  ("Bens a Declarar") gate in order to get the temporary admission
  permit issued, not the (green) "Nothing to Declare" ("Nada a
  Declarar") gate.
- Please note that if you carry foreign currency other than US Dollars,
  you will have to exchange money at one of the international airports
  (Guarulhos in São Paulo and Galeão in Rio de Janeiro). On the other
  hand, exchange of US Dollars into Reais is available in Porto Seguro.
- If you need a visa for Brazil and did not get one yet, I suggest that
  you attach a copy of the Collective Letter 01/16
  (http://www.itu.int/itudoc/itu-t/com16/coll/01-04/001.html) to the
  visa application form and state that you are attending the ITU-T SG 16
  Meeting in Porto Seguro organized by ANATEL under the invitation of
  the International Telecommunication Union.
- It is suggested that the dress code for the meeting be "casual
  dressing" (hurray!).

I am currently checking on details regarding the transporation between the
airport (BPS) and the ferry to the hotel. I will send you an update when I
get some more details on the subject.

Best regards,
Simão Campos-Neto

Simão Ferraz de Campos Neto, Scientist *All comments are strictly my own*
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Clarksburg MD 20871 - USA              E-mail: simao.campos at labs.comsat.com
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