H.GEF.1 Upload

Pete Cordell pete at tech-know-ware.com
Wed May 9 06:26:24 EDT 2001

Dear All,

I have uploaded a draft on H.GEF.1 (Guidelines for the Use of the Generic
Extensible Framework) to the PictureTel Incoming directory.

Unfortunately I've lost the email describing what the formal submission
procedure is, so if one of the rapporteurs could help me out on that it
would be appreciated.


This Recommendation gives guidelines on how to use the "Generic
extensibility Framework" specified in H.323v4.  It describes when to use the
framework, and how to specify features using the framework.  It also gives
examples on how the GEF negotiation scheme works.

There are a couple of items worth debating, the main one being...

- I have defined a syntax way of defining GEF modules.  Opinion is sought on
whether this stays in the document.



Pete Cordell
pete at tech-know-ware.com
+44 1473 635863

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