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Hi, Paul,

To get some information of one Q.931 message, say the "sourceInfo" of the
"SETUP" message, what's the path starting from "TCP data" should we follow?

The path: "TCP data --> H323-UserInformation --> h323-uu-pdu -->
h323-message-body --> setup --> sourceInfo " certainly is not right, as Q931
messages all have three outer mandatory fields:  "Protocol discriminator",
"CallReference" and "MessageType".   The "H323-UserInformatin" is only part
of "User-User" field, which in turn is in the same rank with "Protocol
discriminator", "CallReference" and "MessageType" fields.

There should be a divergence point where all the Q.931 messages received
from TCP are processed.
Could you please consider this and  tell me the right path?

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  1. I have no idea what the user-data component is used for.
  2. I don't know what you mean by "get and set," but RAS does not use Q.931
or UUIEs in its encoding. It uses ASN.1 PER exclusively. I assume by your
other question that you are asking what the outer-most encoding is for RAS.
With call-signaling, it's Q.931; with RAS, it's ASN.1 PER--RAS uses ASN.1
PER throughout.

  Paul Long
  ipDialog, Inc.
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    Hi, all:

    I have two problems concerning H.323 ASN.1.

    H.323 ASN.1 states as follows:
        h323-uu-pdu  H323-UU-PDU,
        user-data      SEQUENCE
           protocol-discriminator    INTEGER  (0..255),
           user-information            OCTET STRING (SIZE(1..131)),
    My question is," What's the use of "user-date" field and what its
protocol-discriminator field stand for? " Can anyone present me an example?

    The H.323 ASN.1 tells us that following the path
"H323-UserInformation>>h323-uu-pdu>>h323-message-body", we can get and set
UUIE of Q931 messages. But how can we do the same thing with RAS messages?
    Or, what are the "ABSOLUTE PATH", the root, of the messages?

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