Support of H.248 in H.323 - No events?

Frank Derks frank.derks at PHILIPS.COM
Wed May 23 04:45:05 EDT 2001

As from version 4 of H.323, stimulus signalling using H.248 is possible with
H.323. The H.225.0 ASN.1 has been extended with an H248PackagesDescriptor
(PackagesDescriptor from H.248) and an H248SignalsDescriptor (SignalsDescriptor
from H.248) to make this possible.

The first allows for the specification of the package(s) from which signals/event
may be used. The second, however, would seem to restrict the use of H.248 to
signals only. I.e. H.248 events can not be carried by H.323 because there is no
field for the EventsDescriptor.

Is this intentional and if so why? (Or do I misinterpret things?)



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