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Dear colleagues,

as promised, I am providing you with some details regarding the ground
transportation in Porto Seguro. The company responsible for the event has
contracted with a local company, "Pool Turismo", to provide a van service
from the airport to the docks on the arrival day, and back to the airport
in the departure day. This service will cost you R$20.00 (as stated in the
Collective Letter 1/16). (NOTE: Additionally, there is a ferry that will
transport you from the docks to the hotel and vice versa, which is
free-of-cost to people staying in the Paradise Resort Hotel. To commute
between the hotel and Porto Seguro proper, you will be using this ferry.)

Back to the airport/docks/airport transportation: Pool Turismo is
requesting that everyone interested in the service to provide them with
some information:

1-Hotel Name:
2-Participant Names:
3-Number of People:
4-Arrival From:
   Arraival Day-In:
   Time to Arrival:
   Flight number:
   Airline Name:
5-Departure To:
   Departure Day-Out:
   Time to Departure:
   Flight number:
   Airline Name:

This data should be filled in and emailed to itu-tsg16 at
<mailto:itu-tsg16 at>. Additional information provided by the
"- General Condition for the transfer service: E-mail with your
 - Our representative will meet you in the airport.
 - The transfer charge for people is R$ 20,00 IN/OUT inclusive.
 - The fee should be paid on arrival at the airport to our representative
   from Pool Eventos.
 - Should you change your flight please inform us.
 - Use the official company to request your service We're here to
   help you.
 - If you woud like some optional touristic trips or rent a car,
   please inform us.
 - If you have any further enquires please contact us at e-mail.
 - Contact People in Pool Eventos: Maria Calabrese, Lucio Panerai."

Best regards,

Simão Ferraz de Campos Neto, Scientist *All comments are strictly my own*
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