sourceAddress and destinationAddress in SETUP

Frank Derks frank.derks at PHILIPS.COM
Thu May 10 09:56:19 EDT 2001

7.3.10/H.225.0 states the following in the section on the sourceAddress

"Note that the E.164 number of the source, if any, shall be contained
 within the Calling Party Number Information Element."

7.3.10/H.225.0 states the following in the section on the
destinationAddress field:

"When calling an endpoint using only a dialed digit string, this
 address shall be placed in the Q.931 Called Party Number IE."

First of all I am wondering about how a source "knows" that its number
is an E.164 address and how it knows about the numbering plan that this
number belongs to so it can actually fill in the Calling Party Number IE.
I would expect that this is something that is normally not known by
a Terminal, an MCU and a Gateway.

Secondly, the section on the destinationAddress could have been a
bit more explicit as to how the Called Party Number IE should be filled
in. I assume that, if a digit string is used, the "type of number" is
"unknown" and the "numbering plan identification" is also "unknown".



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