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Fri Mar 30 15:25:13 EST 2001


Proposed change to section 7.2.8 ServiceChange, 2) Forced: delete the
text "and any established connections associated with them were lost" so
that the paragraph now reads:

2) Forced - indicates that the specified Terminations were taken out of
service. The MGC is responsible for cleaning up the context (if any)
with which the failed termination is associated. At a minimum the
termination shall be subtracted from the context. The termination
serviceState should be "out of service".

Explanation: it is possible for the connection to still exist even if a
termination is out of service. It does not matter if the connection
associated with the termination is lost or not it only matters whether
the termination is in service or out of service. From section 7.1.5
Termination State Descriptor: "The state "out of service" indiates that
the termination cannot be used for traffic."


Christian Groves wrote:
> G'Day all,
> I have come up with an interim version of the H.248 Implementors' Guide
> Additions v5. It contains additional correction to ones reviewed at the
> SG16 Launceston meeting.
> It can be found at:
> ftp://standard.pictel.com/avc-site/Incoming/
> filenames:
> TD-xxx_H248_Implementors_Additions_v5.doc
> TD-xxx_H248_Implementors_Additions_v5.pdf
> Please check it for correctness and that it contains the points
> discussed on the list. There were also some corrections added that were
> not discussed on the list. If you have an issue please propose a
> solution giving the wording that you would like to see. As mentioned in
> the introduction this document is liable to change until final approval.
> v4 was my own edition and was not published to any external network/list
> so please don't look for it.
> Let the editor bashing begin.
> Cheers, Christian
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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For help on this mail list, send "HELP ITU-SG16" in a message to
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