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Please mark your calendar to attend the PV-2001
for a rewarding experience 
in the field of "Advanced Packet Video”
The 11th International Packet Video Workshop (PV-2001) will be held on 30 April - 1 May 2001 in Kyongju, Korea (located in 350-kilometer southeast of Seoul), which was the capital city of ancient Korea (A.D 676-A.D 935). The workshop is devoted to presenting technological advancements and innovations in video transmission over packet networks, in particular, the Internet. Packet Video Workshops have been unique in providing a common ground for people from video coding and networking fields. Presentations on theory and practice, standards activities, and business and consumer applications are encouraged. In 2001, the workshop is scheduled to take place in the week following Picture Coding Symposium (PCS-2001) which will be held in Seoul on 25-27 April 2001. We cordially invite you to take part in this workshop. Further details and updated information for PV-2001 can be found at

With broad and active participations from all over the world, we are convinced that the PV-2001 will be very successful. 
Program Overview:

The session program will have 8 sessions with 56 papers from 16 countries. This will be further highlighted by two invited talks and one panel discussion. The 23 papers will be presented by oral presentation and the other papers will be presented by poster presentation.

Topic Areas:  

      - Video streaming over Internet  
      - Network adaptive video coding and transport  
      - Error/loss resilient video coding and transport  
      - Layered coding for error resilience and heterogeneous networks  
      - Rate control for VBR video  
      - Statistical multiplexing for greater network and terminal utilization  
      - Congestion control and bandwidth allocation  
      - Efficient transcoding for heterogeneous networks  
      - Error concealment and post processing  
      - Traffic shaping for efficient network and terminal utilization  
      - Performance modeling and evaluation for packet video network  
      - Interstream synchronization for multiple video presentations  
      - Packetized video for wireless/mobile systems  
      - Packetized video for home LAN's  
      - Multicasting, MBONE applications  
      - International standards: MPEG-4, MPEG-7, H.26L, H.323, RTP, RTSP, SIP, SDP  
      - Terminal and server architecture for Internet TV  
      - Implementations and commercial applications  

Invited Speakers:

      - Dr. Ya-Qin Zhang, Microsoft Research in Beijing, China
        "Convergence of Multimedia, Wireless and Internet”
      - Dr. Civanlar M. Reha, AT&T Labs Research, U.S.A.
        "Internet Video - Protocols & Applications”

Registration Information:

     By March 31, 2001
     After March 31, 2001
      Regular Registration
     Plan 1
      Plan 2
      Banquet for Accompanying Person
      Additional CD-ROM Proceedings
      Special Bus Transportation (from Seoul to Kyongju)  US$80/each
      PV and PCS-2001 Registration  By March 31, 2001
     After March 31, 2001
      Regular Registration
     Plan 3: PCS Regular+PV Plan 1  US$650
      Student Registration
     Plan 4: PCS Plan A+PV Plan 2  US$450
      Plan 5: PCS Plan B+PV Plan 2  US$390

Important Date:      March 31, 2001        Advance Registration & Hotel Reservation

PCS-2001 Secretariat: 
Further inquiries can be made at:
Tel: +82-42-472-7460            Fax: +82-42-472-7459              Email: pv at

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