Conflicting text in H.323 concerning the requirement for establishing a H.245 control channel??

Chris Wayman Purvis cwp at ISDN-COMMS.CO.UK
Tue Mar 20 09:11:27 EST 2001


Why do you consider this text to be "conflicting"?
Specifically, with what does it conflict?


> 6.2.8/H.323 states: "The endpoint shall establish exactly one H.245
> Control Channel for each call that the endpoint is participating in."
> 8.1.7/H.323 never states that when Fast Connect is being used such a
> control channel should be established. As far as I understand the
> mechanism this is only required to switch to "normal" H.245 procedures.
> It would seem that section 6.2.8 should be rephrased to make clear that
> the H.245 control channel shall only be established when "normal" H.245
> procedures are being followed and not in the fast connect case.
> Frank
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