Update on AVT WG last call on RTP spec and profile

Simao Campos-Neto simao.campos at LABS.COMSAT.COM
Mon Mar 19 10:30:14 EST 2001

Dear colleagues,

thanks to the cooperation of many, Steve Casner and Colin Perkins now
have all the information they need to put G723 and H263 back into the
A/V profile document in the IETF. See message below for the payload
formats still in peril.

So, you may lower your gards now as far as H323 and H263 payloads are
concerned! :-)

Best regards,
Simao Campos-Neto
Colin Perkins wrote:
> Folks,
> Thanks for your help - we have noted that multiple interoperable
> implementations of G.723 exist, and this format will be re-instated
> in the next revision of the audio/video profile.
> We are still missing implementations of the RTP payload formats
> for GSM-HR, GSM-EFR, MP2T, MP1S, MP2P, BMPEG and BT656.
> Colin
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