Protocol version re-negotiation

Christian Groves Christian.Groves at ERICSSON.COM
Wed Mar 7 18:09:43 EST 2001

G'Day Nancy,

The ITU and RFC documents should be identical. The RFC is a copy of the
ITU H.248 so the ITU document takes precedence. Can you please point out
the exact text which is inconsistent. I need to record this in the
implementors' guide as a change needed to the RFC.

I didn't really see where the specification limits "forced" for "root
terminations or the problem with sending Servicechange whilst in

Cheers, Christian

Nancy Devin wrote:
> Good morning Christian,
> I agree with you that the reason "warm boot"
> describes perfectly the state of the MG when it
> upgrades to a new version of the H.248 protocol.
> I have question on the use of "restart" and
> "root".  According the RFC3015, this combination
> indicates a registration command.  Since the
> registration command should be the first command
> received from an MG after it comes in service,
> what happens when this command is received while
> the MG is already in service?  Also, there seems
> to be some difference between the ITU H.248
> document and the RFC3015.  In the ITU document, it
> is mentionned that a service change command
> specifying "root" is a registration command and
> that it should be "forced".  The ITU document also
> mention that "restart" indicates that the service
> will be restored on the specified termination
> after expiration of the ServiceChangeDelay timer.
> The termination are assumed to not be associated
> with any contexts.  That last sentence makes me
> wonder if we can really use "restart" on "root"
> with the "warm boot" reason to perform protocol
> version upgrade.
> Another unrelated question, which document should
> we reference to when the information in the ITU
> document and the RFC3015 document differ?
> comments,
> Nancy
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