Protocol version re-negotiation

Nancy Devin nancy.devin at ALCATEL.COM
Wed Mar 7 09:09:53 EST 2001

Good morning Christian,

I agree with you that the reason "warm boot"
describes perfectly the state of the MG when it
upgrades to a new version of the H.248 protocol.

I have question on the use of "restart" and
"root".  According the RFC3015, this combination
indicates a registration command.  Since the
registration command should be the first command
received from an MG after it comes in service,
what happens when this command is received while
the MG is already in service?  Also, there seems
to be some difference between the ITU H.248
document and the RFC3015.  In the ITU document, it
is mentionned that a service change command
specifying "root" is a registration command and
that it should be "forced".  The ITU document also
mention that "restart" indicates that the service
will be restored on the specified termination
after expiration of the ServiceChangeDelay timer.
The termination are assumed to not be associated
with any contexts.  That last sentence makes me
wonder if we can really use "restart" on "root"
with the "warm boot" reason to perform protocol
version upgrade.

Another unrelated question, which document should
we reference to when the information in the ITU
document and the RFC3015 document differ?


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