Updates of H.MMS.1 (Mobility for H.323)

Roy, Radhika R, ALCOO rrroy at ATT.COM
Thu Mar 29 16:03:50 EST 2001

Hi, Ernst:

Per AVD-2100 Version 1 (March 9, 2001 - Launceston Meeting), many
contributions have been accepted for proposed modifications of the document
(H.MMS.1 - H.323 Mobility).

When will it be the right time to post the latest UPDATED document in the SG
web site (http://standard.pictel.com/ftp/avc-site/0103_Lau/)?

If you do so, we can bring contributions to the upcoming SG16 meeting in
May-June'01 showing where the modifications need to be made.

Please note that the contributions need to be approved by the respective
Govt of each country. That is, if the update document is posted by April 15,
2001, then we will have enough time to go through the document and write
contributions and take the approval from the Dept of State by the end of
April (may April 30).

We would appreciate if you would kindly post the updated document not later
than April 15, 2001.

Thanks in advance,

Radhika R. Roy

Technology Consultant
Room 3D-2C09
200 S. Laurel Avenue
Middletown, NJ 07748
+1 732 420 1580
rrroy at att.com

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