A problem involving sending fast-start element in a facility message.

pmreddy at HSS.HNS.COM pmreddy at HSS.HNS.COM
Thu Mar 15 00:41:48 EST 2001

                      I'm stuck with a particular problem, in the
implementation of
                      fast-start in the h323v2 implementation. The
following are the details. If
                      anybody is certain about the solution please do

                      Consider the scenario in which both calling
end-point(A) and called
                      end-point(B) support and prefer fast-start. Calls are
 gk-routed. A sends
                      Setup message containing a fast-start element, to the
 Gatekeeper, which
                      fowards it to B. Gatekeeper sends Call-Proceeding to
A. B responds to the
                      Setup sent by A, with a Call-Proceeding containing a
fast-start element.
                      Now, the Gatekeeper maps the fast-start element to a
faststart element in
                      the facility message. NOW, WHAT REASON SHOULD THE
                      I feel it should be "forwarded elements". But I am
not very sure. If
                      anybody knows about this, please respond immediately.


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