Draft summary of 4th MoIP reliable transport conference call

Hiroshi Tamura tamura at TODA.RICOH.CO.JP
Sat Jun 30 01:14:05 EDT 2001


> As agreed at the Porto Seguro, BR, meeting of ITU-T SG16, the goal of these
> conference calls is to develop a joint contribution to the next meeting of
> TR-30.1 giving requirements for the MoIP reliable transport mechanism, and
> possibly an evaluation of existing protocols against those requirements.
> Once the requirements and possible evaluations have been presented to TIA
> TR-30.1 and agreed to by them, the requirements and possible evaluations
> are, if possible, to bepresented to the IETF 51 meeting in London, UK,
> during the week of 8/5/2001. Some parties may present a draft protocol
> proposal to that meeting.

At which WGs or BOFs is it presented in London?

Thanks in advance.

Hiroshi Tamura, Ricoh Company, LTD.
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