Summary of 3rd MoIP reliable transport conference call

James_Renkel at 3COM.COM James_Renkel at 3COM.COM
Wed Jun 27 15:47:35 EDT 2001

Hi All,

As you may know, the most recent version of H.GEF.1 included a syntax based
method of defining GEF extensions.  I defined this so that people wouldn't
get confused with trying to interpret a syntax based definition as pure
ASN.1.  My principle is, if you are defining something that is different to
something that is already used, then make it obviously different.

I'm fairly comfortable that the syntax is complete.  Also, if people don't
want to use that method of GEF definition they are not obliged to.  I
personally would therefore like to keep it in.

However, we live in a democracy.  Therefore, the person that gives me the
highest bid can decide whether it stays or goes!

Meanwhile, people can vote on whether it stays or goes by e-mailing me
directly.  I will then summarise and post the results to the list.  In the
event of a draw I'll keep it in.

All the best,


Pete Cordell
pete at
+44 1473 635863

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