Summary of MoIP reliable transport conference call

James_Renkel at 3COM.COM James_Renkel at 3COM.COM
Fri Jun 22 14:36:12 EDT 2001

Another conference call was held on Tuesday, June 19, 2001, between
representatives of The CommWorks Corp. and Cisco Systems to continue
discussing a reliable transport protocol to be used with MoIP.

On the call from The CommWorks Corp. were:
-    Mike Nicholas;
-    Fred Lucas; and
-    Jim Renkel.

>From Cisco Systems were:
-    Herb Wildfeuer; and
-    Mehryar Garakani.

The call began by discussing the e-mail summary of the previous conference
call. As Cisco had just received the summary from CommWorks, they asked for
additional time to review it. It was agreed that when conference call
summaries were agreed to by all parties, they would be sent to the MoIP
e-mail reflectors. Other working e-mails, however, would NOT be sent as is
to the MoIP e-mail reflectors, but held until work had progressed to, e.g.,
a draft joint contribution. That would then be sent to the MoIP e-mail

Next, additional transport mechanism characteristics from PCM01-020 were
considered. It was agreed that the non-corrupting, and order-preserving /
sequenced characteristics were desirable for MoIP. Additionally, a
characteristic not identified in PCM01-020, namely support for expedited
and non-expedited data transfer, was identified and agreed to. Jim will
draft requirement language for the non-corrupting characteristic, and
Mehryar will draft requirement language for the sequenced and expedited

The remainder of the meeting was spent discussing media-stream(s) and
protocol stack switching. Cisco did not yet have proposed language for this,
so CommWork's proposed language was discussed. Several changes and additions
to this were tentatively agreed to, and Jim will revise CommWork's proposal
for the next conference call.

The next conference call was scheduled for Friday, 6/22/2001, 10:30 A.M.,
CDT, 8:30 A.M. PDT, with the same arrangements as this conference call.

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