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Francois Audet audet at NORTELNETWORKS.COM
Wed Jun 13 14:40:57 EDT 2001


I have a doubt regarding using  BES (Radius ) in H.235 . The H235v2 has
mention that in Radius default mode operation the encryption algorithms
which are used is DES-CBC or 3DES-Outer CBC.

But since the standard has not mentioned any way in which the keys (one key
for DES-CBC and 3 keys for 3DES-OCBC ) should be generated, wouldnt it
create an interoperability problem as different vendors will use different
techniques for generating the keys.

Note : In the case of of Baseline Security Profile the key is generated as
follows shared key = sha1(password)

Is there any endpoint which has implemented the H.235 BES support. If so
can you send me some info regarding that.

Thanks and Best Regards

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