Selecting Codecs with dynamic RTP Payload Type

Tom-PT Taylor taylor at NORTELNETWORKS.COM
Sun Jun 10 21:52:27 EDT 2001


I would like to know if there are any  H.323 End Points (H235 V2 Complaint
- Commerical/ Evaluation copy) available.

H235V2 discuss that GateKeeper can make use of  Back End Server (BES)
support (using Radius)  to authenticate
messages. It would be very useful (For  interoperabilty) if there are
end-point available that support  BES  security
profile. If any  end-point support BES, it should handle the Radius
"challenge"  by sending "Challenge Response",
which is part of "ClearToken".

Some Information on the availabilty endpoints that support Supplementary
Services such as Call Transfer, Call Hold
and Call  Waiting also will be definitely useful.


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