Using a MAC address as the Alias

Paul Long plong at IPDIALOG.COM
Thu Jun 7 12:18:09 EDT 2001


What about NICs serving multiple EPs? Wouldn't the EPs all have the same MAC
address? Maybe this configuration doesn't make sense, though, and therefore
isn't something to worry about.

Paul Long
ipDialog, Inc.

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And I should qualify that... unique so as to precisely identify the device.


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> Frank,
> At first glance, it seems odd that one would want to report that to the
> Certainly, it doesn't seem useful to report that though LRQ or other
> resolution mechanisms.  However, there are cases where it might be nice if
> the GK knew the MAC address-- especially since V4 now allows multiple
> endpoints to have the same alias.  There are obvious benefits to having a
> unique alias in the list.
> Paul

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