Using a MAC address as the Alias

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Are you talking about the MAC address of the entity's NIC or one generated
for the entity itself?

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one of the uses of a MAC address could be a "standardised" way to identify a
piece of equipment in a simple way. Obviously there is a vendorIdentifier
element for this purpose, but its contents are rather "non-standard"
(OCTET STRING), which makes it a bit harder to determine the piece of
equipment.  Furthermore, I would expect the vendorIdentifier field to be
identical for every product of the same type, so the only thing a could
infer from this element is the type of the product and not the specific
piece of equipment.

Why would I want to know the MAC address? Since the MAC address is tightly
coupled to a piece of equipment, I could use this information to do
equipment specific. This can also be achieved through the vendorIdentifier
element, but this would mean that any piece of equipment of this type would
qualify and not a specific piece of equipment.

If I want to do something based on the physical location of the equipment,
then the vendorIdentifier is no great help. If I keep some administration
about the location of equipment and their MAC addresses,then I could e.g.
pinpoint the location from which a call was placed.

Since Aliases usually represent users, they are rather loosely coopled to
a specific piece of equipment.


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