Keep the Change # A2B

Greg T. Moores larryharris99 at CANADA.COM
Tue Jun 5 08:06:08 EDT 2001

Hi All,
I am a new entrant to this mailing list and appreciate the time and effort
you spend on it.
I am in a slight quandary.
I am writing an agent for a network element that is an H323 gatekeeper.
For this I am using the Gatekeeper MIB as given in Annex1.4 of ITU-T H.341
Recommendation "Multimedia Management Information Base".

This MIB defines the h323GatekeeperControlCommands as "A value that
represents a command for the gateway.For the list of possible command refer
to MmControlCommands"

At another place in the same MIB for h323GatekeeperStatisticsTotalErrors it
reads "Total number of GK errors that have occured in the the gateway since
last startup"

My concern is - How can a gatekeeper issue a commanad for the gateway which
a separate entity in the network??
And how does Gk maintains error count that have occured in the gateway??

Is it a typo error and gateway here actually refers to gatekeeper??

Please clarify regarding the same.
Any and all comments will be appreciated.
Best Regards,

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