H323 and NAT

Santosh Kadam - Silicon Portals san at siliconportals.com
Mon Jun 18 21:55:16 EDT 2001

 Hi there,

  I am a new-bird in the VOIP applications , and I would like to clear some
basic doubts.

  Basically I would like to know, why the H323 clients do not work behind
the NAT or the proxy network ? I understand that the H323 non compliant
clients like net2Phone are able to talk to the PC which r behind NAT but the
H323 compliant applications like netMeeting , I am not able to communicate
people behind NAT-Proxy network .

  why and what it can be preventing that these applications are not able to
pass audio behind the NAT?

  Thanks n Regards,

  Santosh Kadam.
  e-mail: san at siliconportals.com

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