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Francois Audet audet at NORTELNETWORKS.COM
Wed Jun 13 14:40:57 EDT 2001

Hi all,
The sourceInfor in LRQ states that it should be the alias address of the
originator of the LRQ (as opposed to the originator of the call).
One of the consequence of this is that if an endpoint sends an ARQ to its
gatekeeper, and its gatekeeper can not resolve it, the LRQ that it will send
to other gatekeepers may not have enough information to resolve the address.
For example, if the number was a "local" number or a "national" number, the
gatekeeper that receives the LRQ will not have enough context (where is the
originator of the call) to resolve the address (like the country code of the
calling user to figure out the contry code of the called user).
Anybody has any views on this?
My take is that the LRQ.sourceInfo should really reflect the alias address
of the originator of the call (the initial ARQ) as opposed to the gatekeeper
that originated the LRQ. An alternative would be to define a new field, but
I'm not too keen on this approach since it won't work until H.323v5...
François AUDET, Nortel Networks
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