[imtch323implementors] H32x-Series and ASN1 TO JAVA

Elangovan Angannan h323elango at YAHOO.COM
Thu Jun 7 08:30:56 EDT 2001

Dear Michael,

OpenH323 project provides encoding/decoding library.
With a minimum effort you can access it from JAVA
through JNI.


> Right now I am searching for tools in order to get
> the standards
> specified in ASN1 into Java. Does anyone have some
> recommendations
> or hints how to do the encoding and decoding of the
> messages in
> order to get them across the wire.
> There are a lot of commercial tools available, but
> isn't there
> a open source or free implemenation/source code of a
> compiler 4 java.
> thank you very much for your effort,
> michael
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