MoIP Reliable Transport Internet Draft

Herb Wildfeuer hwildfeu at CISCO.COM
Tue Jul 31 20:40:42 EDT 2001

The "MoIP Reliable Transport Requirements and Evaluation" contribution that was discussed
and modified at the Baltimore TR.30.1 meeting as 10107061R1.doc is now available as an
Internet Draft at: IETF

There have not been any changes to the document other than converting it to the Internet
Draft (I-D) format.  This document has been approved by the majority of the participants
of the TR30.1 committee.  Please provide me with your company name and contact information
if you would like to be added to the I-D.  The goal of this effort is to provide this I-D
to the IETF transport group for discussion in an effort to further the work of a new
transport protocol for MoIP.

Best Regards, 
- Herb

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