Purpose Of Annex C

Tom-PT Taylor taylor at NORTELNETWORKS.COM
Thu Jul 26 14:30:37 EDT 2001

Before last month's SG 16 meeting I raised the point of the proper use of
Annex C values.  Today I discovered that we already have it covered.  See
section 7.2.10, which states unequivocally that Annex C is for the Local and
Remote descriptors.

One of the open issues on the list is whether we can deprecate the Modem
descriptor.  If we do so, the corresponding Annex C property can remain
there and I would remove mention of it from my SDP-TDM draft.

There were some other Annex C properties that I had proposed to remove
because they belonged in LocalControl.  This wasn't done at the last SG 16
meeting because orderly procedure required list agreement plus alternative
packages to put them in.  The specific items I would focus on are Mode (tag
1002 in C.1), DialledN (tag 901F in C.9) and DiallingN (tag 9020 in C.9).
Mode is in LocalControl already, and the other two are covered by the NAS
package.  I had also mentioned Gain (tag 100C in C.1) and Jitterbuff (tag
100D in C.1) previously.  At this point I'd say Gain might suitably be
specified by direction.  Jitterbuff should be moved into RTP. 

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