FastStart in Call Proceeding

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In the FACILITY message. It is described somewhere in H.225.0 and H.323.
Look in version 4 (It might also be in v3, but I don't remember).

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Hi all,

I have a question when the FastStart element is returned in the Call
Proceeding message by the called EP. The problem arises when a GK is routing
the signalling and let's further assume that the GK has already sent a Call
Proceeding to the calling EP before the Call Proceeding from the called EP
arrives.  How is the GK supposed to do to relay the FastStart element to the
calling EP asap? Another call proceeding? Facility?

You have the same issue even without FastStart. Say the call proceeding may
contain the called EP's H245 address which the GK should send to the calling
EP right away.

Appreciate any responses.


Shan Lu

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