Syntax method of GEF extension definition

Terry L Anderson tla at LUCENT.COM
Mon Jul 9 22:40:38 EDT 2001

The sixth in a series of conference calls to discuss a reliable transport
protocol to be used with MoIP was held on Friday, July 6, 2001.

As agreed at the Porto Seguro, BR, meeting of ITU-T SG16, the goal of these
conference calls is to develop a joint contribution to the next meeting of
TR-30.1 giving requirements for the MoIP reliable transport mechanism, and
possibly an evaluation of existing protocols against those requirements.
Once the requirements and possible evaluations have been presented to TIA
TR-30.1 and agreed to by them, the requirements and possible evaluations
are, if possible, to be presented to the IETF 51 meeting in London, UK,
during the week of 8/5/2001. Some parties may present a draft protocol
proposal to that meeting.

On the call from The CommWorks Corp. were:
-    Jim Renkel.

>From Cisco Systems were:
-    Herb Wildfeuer; and
-    Mehryar Garakani.

>From VOCAL Technologies, Ltd., was:
-    Alberto Torres.

The call began by acceptinging the draft summary of the fifth conference

Then, the schedule for the remaining conference calls was reviewed:
-    Tuesday, July 10, 2001, 10:30 A.M., CDT
-    Friday,  July 13, 2001, 10:30 A.M., CDT
The dial-in bridge number remains +1.847.262.0999, conference ID # 06647
("0MOIP" on a touch-tone keypad.). Because the TR-30.1 meeting is the
week of July 16, 2001, these will be the last conference calls before
that meeting.

Next, attention was called to IETF RFC 2914, "Congestion Control Principles".
Conference call participants are to read and study this RFC. It will be
discussed in next Tuesday's conference call.

Then it was agreed that Jim will get a TR-30.1 document number from Les
Brown in preparation for making the joint submission to the upcoming
TR-30.1 meeting.

The remainder of the conference call was spent reviewing the first draft
of the joint contribution, particularly the protocol evaluation tables in
section 3. Many small changes were suggested and will be incorporated in
the next draft for next Tuesday's conference call. Major changes, to also
be made in the next draft, include:
-    a requirement for "flushable"; Herb will draft language defining this;
-    requirements for "graceful co-existence with RTP" and "graceful co-
     existence with UDP/TL"; Herb will also draft language defining this;
-    a requirement for "bandwidth efficiency"; Mehryar will draft language
     for this.
Draft language for the above four requirements is to be gotten to Jim ASAP
for inclusion (hopefully)in the next draft.

It was agreed that conference call participants should especially study the
language in Section 1 of the current draft. It will be reviewed at next
Tuesday's conference call.

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