H248 imported ASN syntax in H.323

Callaghan, Robert Robert.Callaghan at ICN.SIEMENS.COM
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At this point the question is not one of supporting a desirable change.

The proposed change is clearly intended as an improvement.  It is not a
correction of an error.  This change applies to a decided (approved)
document.  Therefore any change must be made in a backwards compatible
manner in the next release of the document.

I, personally, like the change.  But, it is too late.


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I suppose the argument is that it makes it clearer to the implementer what
those fields are used for and how they should be completed.  We've had
confusion in the past over what is supposed to go inside a fastStart
element, for example.  It's almost worth considering replaying:

h248Message MegacoMessage OPTIONAL

but people may have had a good reason not to want to do that.  Perhaps it
was felt that that would require importing too much :-)

I am fairly indifferent on the matter, though I'd prefer not to make changes
to the ASN.1 that are not errors.  However, if we find errors in the ASN.1
file, I'd consider changing other cosmetic items like this one.  My hope is
that the ASN.1 file here:

is complete and without errors :-)

(Note that it was last updated 18-Jan-2001.)


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Subject: H248 imported ASN syntax in H.323

> Hi All,
>   Would it not be useful to replace the following ASN.1 syntaxes
> in H.323 V4:
>  1) "SEQUENCE OF H248PackagesDescriptor" in RRQ with "SEQUENCE OF OCTET
>  2) H248SignalDescriptor by OCTET STRING in ServiceControlDescriptor
> This would save importing the complete ASN.1 syntax of H248PackageDesc
> and H248SignalDesc from H.248. It's like representing H.245 tunneled
> messages in H.225 as OCTET STRINGS and hence  saving the need to
> import of H.245 syntax. The usage of (1) and (2) as PackageDesc and
> SignalDesc would be clear from the context.
> -Manoj Paul.
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For help on this mail list, send "HELP ITU-SG16" in a message to
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