Final Revision of Changes for H.225.0v4 and H.323v4

Hidenobu Harasaki harasaki at CCM.CL.NEC.CO.JP
Tue Jan 16 05:49:10 EST 2001

Dear Experts,

> Please give me any comments by the end of the business day Tuesday.

I found possible bugs in H.245 Generic Parameter when I was checking
EVRC RTP payload format defined in H.225.0 version 4.
I started checking because a complete different RTP payload format
was proposed and discussed in the last IETF AVT WG meeting.

I believe that each H.245 Generic Parameter should clearly be identified as
collapsing or non-collapsing because ASN.1 syntax treats differerently.
But, Annex F (Logical Channel Bit Rate Management),
Annex J (TDMA ACELP), K (TDMA US1), L (CDMA EVRC) and Example of
H.261 do not have any description on collapsing or non-collapsing.

The bug may cause an interoperability problem between different
implementations because transmitter side can encode a parameter as
either collapsing or non-collapsing, and there is no explicit
decoding rule for receiver side.

Has anyone there implemented TDMA or CDMA codec into H.323?

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