H.248 Annex M IPR

Sebestyen Istvan ICN M SR 3 Istvan.Sebestyen at ICN.SIEMENS.DE
Wed Jan 10 04:04:31 EST 2001


many thanks for this to Nortel. H.248 is generally a very important
standard, so - in my view - for an easier breakthrough in the market it
would be nice if at least all essential parts of H.248 could follow the same
pattern. Is there somewhere a compilation on a working group level on a best
effort basis (I mean not an internal patent search...) who has IPRs on what,
and on what general conditions?

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> Subject:      H.248 Annex M IPR
> As I have indicated in the past, my company, Nortel Networks, claims IPR
> in the draft H.248 Annex M (Advanced Audio Server packages).  I am pleased
> to say that management has decided to licence this IPR royalty-free.  For
> further information, contact Rick Witcher
> mailto:jrwitcher at nortelnetworks.com.
> Tom Taylor
> Multimedia Control and Applications Standards
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> taylor at nortelnetworks.com

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