H.225- CRV

Nehru, Archana archie at trillium.com
Mon Jan 15 22:28:46 EST 2001

hi all,

I have a question about H.323 -CRV values. Q.931 specs says that a CRV value
should be unique per D-channel layer 2 logical link. 

In H.225 context, does the above mean that:

a) CRV values should be unique across all outgoing H.225 calls that have the
same "destination" IP address ?

b) CRV value only needs to be unique across all H.225 connections using the
same TCP connection? In other words, if an endpoint A makes two simultaneous
calls to endpoint B, then the same CRV can be used on both the calls, as
long as they use different TCP connections?

I would appreciate any help on this. 


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