Please Review corrections for H.225.0v4 and H.323v4

Paul E. Jones paulej at PACKETIZER.COM
Thu Jan 11 21:03:20 EST 2001


As you know, I have posted a document to this list a number of times seeking comments on corrections that need to be applied to H.323v4 and H.225.0v4.  I was given permission by the TSB to make these changes, but before such changes are made, I want to give you one last opportunity to comment.  To this date, every comment that I have received has been one of agreement-- I have heard no objections.

The ASN.1 found in this document is the same as that which has been posted to the Packetizer web-site and I know that several companies have already grabbed that ASN.1 for implementation purposes.

I don't believe there should be any contentious issues in this document, but I wanted to give you one last opportunity to review and comment.

Please send comments directly to me and/or post them to this list.  If I hear no objections, I will forward this document to the TSB for inclusion in the final published H.225.0v4 and H.323v4.


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