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Patrick_Luthi at PICTEL.COM Patrick_Luthi at PICTEL.COM
Thu Jan 11 17:04:02 EST 2001

Dear experts,

If you receive this mail, it is because you were at some point involved in
the standardization activities of the former Study Group 16 Questions 3,
11, or 12. With the new Study Period starting, the work of Q3, 11, and 12
has been consolidated in a new Q1 (Multimedia systems, terminals, and data

Q1 will cover the following recommendations: H.221, H.222.0, H.222.1,
H.223, H.224, H.226, H.230, H.231, H.242, H.243, H.244, H.247, H.281,
H.283, H.310, H.320, H.321, H.322, H.324, H.331, T.120 through T.128,
T.134, T.135, T.140 and related annexes and appendices.

Question 1 will be using the official mailing list provided by the ITU. For
matters covering more than just Q1 issues, the more general SG16 mailing
list maintained by Intel will also be used. If you are interested in
keeping up with Q1 activities and meetings, you should join the Q1 mailing
list "tsg16q1 at" (

The ITU hosted mailing list will be open to all ITU-T members.  Additional
non ITU-T experts may also participate if invited by the rapporteur.  The
rapporteur of Q.1 does not wish to exclude anyone who could be a valuable
contributor to the work. Therefore, an electronic mail sent to the
rapporteur (patrick.luthi at is the suggested method of contact
for non-ITU experts in order to be included on every Q1 related
correspondence (be sure to include your contact phone, fax, address and
email information).

The first meeting of Q1, co-located with Questions D, F, G, 2, 3, and 4,
will take place in Australia March 5-9, 2001. Confirmation and details on
the logistics of the meeting will be sent out to the mailing lists later.

Also, attached to this e-mail message, is a document from the WP2
Rapporteurs describing the organization of the new SG16 questions over the
2001-2004 Study Period.

(See attached file: q1a04.doc)

I am looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming Study Group or Rapporteur

Best regards

Patrick Luthi
Rapporteur for Q1/16 - Multimedia systems, terminals, and data conferencing
Experts Group (MSEG)

P.S. To subscribe to the SG16/Intel reflector: send a message to
listserv at with "subscribe itu-sg16 <your email address>
<your name>" in the body of the message.
Patrick Luthi
PictureTel Corporation
Andover, Massachusetts, USA
tel: +1 978 292-4354
e-mail: luthip at
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