Liaison from Q11/16 to Q2, 3/16

Les Brown les.brown at MINDSPEED.COM
Wed Feb 28 15:40:38 EST 2001

Dear All,

Contribution AVD-2056 is available in the avc-site/0103_LAU folder.
AVD-2056 is a proposal for a new annex to H.246 with the title "New annex to
H.246: Interworking H.323 and H.324 Annex C"

Also available is the related contribution AVD-2057,
        "New H.248 Packages to support Interworking between H.323 and H.324
Annex C"

Comments are welcome. We look forward to discussing these contributions at
the Launceston meeting.


        Cliff Sayre

Clifford Sayre
Lucent Technologies
Phone (732) 332-6060
clsayre at

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