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Paul Rheaume paul.rheaume at ALCATEL.COM
Thu Feb 22 12:59:59 EST 2001

Mr. Baese, experts,

For the testing condition document, I believe we have settled on most of the
issues. So here is the testing document, and please take a look and let me
know if there is anything else that we need to discuss.

About the feature comparison document, I suggest that we both draft
documents for the point to point comparisons with the technical reasoning.
>From the current schedule situation, it seems that it is more realistic for
us to submit two independent documents. We can go over them at the meeting,
and combine them then if necessary.



Adam H. Li
Image Communication Lab                    (310) 825-5178 (Lab)
University of California, Los Angeles      (310) 825-7928 (Fax)
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