Anybody using GSM HR or EFR codecs?

Douglas Clowes dclowes1 at OPTUSHOME.COM.AU
Wed Feb 21 14:57:43 EST 2001


im sorry for posing this query out here but i needed this answer asap..

Im basically more of an implementor than a protocol developer and all my job
is above the layer 3.. ie socket programming etc.

Right now while going thru the specs, I could not find any reasonable
explanation on how u prioritise traffic for call setup?

for eg are u sending callsetup info over RTP ports too..? if yes, i still
have to figure out how to use Voice Activity Detection to conserve bandwidth
a feature which lets us drop voice packets below a certain db level .., if
no this basically means that setting up a call could take a long time and
the traffic associated with it cannot be controlled/prioritised..

can anyone refer me to any good specs

Sorry to be wasting ur time on such a query.. but i couldnt think of a
better place to pose this question.


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