Video codec for H.323 Annex I

Simao Campos-Neto simao.campos at LABS.COMSAT.COM
Wed Feb 21 05:19:49 EST 2001

Just a thought:

would it be possible to use a common implementation of H.263+, e.g. by a third-party company that could volunteer to provide encoded streams for parties implementing the H.323-I simulations and decoding transmission-disturbed bitstreams provided back to it? This would circumvent the unavailability of a common, publicly available H.263 implementation and provide that the same H.263 implementation is used by all parties.

Another option would be that one company provides e.g. an executable version of H.263 (under a specific NDA for this particular purpose) to the parties simulating H.323-I. This would accomplish the same purpose.

All in support of a good spirit of cooperation!

Best regards,

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