Video codec for H.323 Annex I

Adam Li adamli at
Wed Feb 21 04:17:25 EST 2001

Mr. Baese, experts,

For evaluation of error protection schemes, it really make sense to use
video codec that are mature and widely used instead of a particular video
codec that is still early in development stage.

The sole reason that there is a software implementation of H.26L does not at
all make it a suitable criteria for selection of error protection schemes.
The current development status of H.26L and its complexity (which means it
is not likely to be used on mobile environment immediately even after it is
finished) indicates that it is currently not the proper platform to judge
the algorithms for Annex I - no matter it has an implementation or not.

Also, I would like to remind Mr. Baese that the the joint discussion between
Q.13 and Q.15 on video codec issue has reached conclusion at Geneva. Here I
quote the last paragraph of the related section from the meeting report:

"The Q.15 Rapporteur's final comment was that if you want to do testing that
requires error resilience, then H.263 is the clear choice.  There needed to
be strong justification for using another codec."

I hope there should be agreement on the testing codec soon.


Adam Li

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