AW: AW: H.323 Annex I

Baese Gero Gero.X.Baese at MCHP.SIEMENS.DE
Mon Feb 19 10:35:55 EST 2001

Dear Mr. Villasenor, experts,

we completely agree using H.263 would be worthwhile. Using H.263
and H.26L was requested by the group at the Geneva meeting.

Unfortunately there is no appropriate H.263 software available
at the ITU. For H.26L the software exists.

We raised the question at the meeting already. Since then we
tried to find a solution with the representative of your department.
Unfortunately we've got the first answer but now.

Now the deadline is approching and our proposal (to restrict
ourselves to H.26L) was a pragmatic solution to get comparable
results for the meeting. We also want to use H.263, on the other hand
using proprietary software wouldn't provide the group with material
to base a decision on. Additionally it would be an enormous advantage
for one side.

Hopefully our intention is better understandable now and you are
supporting a quickly reached decision based on our proposals.

Best Wishes
Gero Baese

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> Betreff: RE: AW: H.323 Annex I
> Dear experts,
>  For what it is worth, I also strongly support using H.263 in this
> work. If we base the work on 26L, we not only have the problems
> pointed out regarding working with a pre-standard algorithm,
> but we would in addition be ignoring the very important and very
> relevant problem of the specific performance of Annex I when combined
> with H.263. This particular problem is of high importance to
> implementers in the short and long term. We owe it to ourselves
> and to the other potential users of Annex I ensure its suitability
> with the underlying video algorithm with which it is most likely
> to be used for the foreseeable future.
> Thanks,
> John Villasenor

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