Location of current work on H.323 Annex P

Glen Freundlich ggf at AVAYA.COM
Fri Feb 16 16:26:17 EST 2001


You can find proposals to the last meeting at
ftp://standard.pictel.com/avc-site/till_0012/0011_Gen/0011_Gen.html contains the
lists of contributions to the meeting, but you'll be most interested in
APC-2022, TD-9, and TD-11. You might also check the meeting report in APC-2031a
(I believe there are 2 relevant sections in the meeting report).

This list is an appropriate starting point. But, you should check directly with
the editor of the work (contact info in APC-2022).


Roy Spitzer wrote:

> I would like to review the current work on H.323 Annex P (modem relay
> standardization).  I do not know where to get this information or how to get
> on the discussion list.
> Regards,
> Roy
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> Email:  rspitzer at telogy.com
> Telogy Networks, Inc. is a totally owned subsidiary of
> Texas Instruments.
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