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Paul E. Jones paulej at PACKETIZER.COM
Wed Feb 14 23:36:51 EST 2001

Dear Mr. Li, experts,

thank you very much for the response of our questions.
The software problem still exists.

> All the algorithms for H.263 are detailed in the H.263
> and TMN documents in Q.6. As far as I know,UBC (University of
> British Columbia) has a (semi-official) sample software
> implementation of the codec.
> Hope it helps.

Unfortunately not. This informations were available at the
Geneva meeting already - hence we raised the question there.

We need an official version of the software. Using different types of
software leads to not comparable results and will delay the work of
the group anymore. Our interest is to finish the test before the next
If there is no official software available for H.263 containing
all annexes needed for the tests, as Stephan Wenger pointed out, we can
only restrict ourselves to H.26L. Otherwise we are not comparing our
methods but rather special implementations of a video coding standard.
Hopefully you can agree on that, so that we can now start with the

Best Wishes
Gero Baese

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