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Tue Feb 13 12:12:27 EST 2001

Hi Adam, Group,

> > We are supposed to perform the test reproducible for everybody else
> > within the standardization community. Which public available software
> > for H.263 we are going to use ?
>This question may be better answered by Q.6/16 (Video Coding Experts Group),
>who works on standardizing the H.263 video codec. All the algorithms for
>H.263 are detailed in the H.263 and TMN documents in Q.6. As far as I know,
>UBC (University of British Columbia) has a (semi-official) sample software
>implementation of the codec.

This codec is no more available, neither in the form of the public domain
code, nor as the semi-official so called "ITU codec" which was sold by
UBC for $1000 to interested parties.  UBC became aware that both codecs
were used as the start point for commercial implementations --
something that was strictly prohibited by the license contract.  In order
to avoid possible legal problems UBC decided not to continue the project
in the current form.

In other words: there is NO public available software for H.263 at the
moment.  Only a few old versions (including buggy implementations
of the low complexity modes of the TMN for the error prone cases)
may still be found on the Internet.  Certainly, there is no code out
there which supports version 3 features such as Annex V (data
partitioned slice mode) or even full Annex K slices, and at least
the latter is essential for the use over error prone links.


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