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As many of you may be aware, a number of editorial errors in H.323v4 and H.225.0v4 were pointed out to me very soon after the approval of those documents in November.  While the number of errors is not tremendous, the very fact that the errors were reported by so many people so quickly is a testament to the fact that there are many people actively working on developing H.323-based products around the world.

I have been working with the ITU to get those corrections made to the documents prior to publication so as to reduce confusion and interoperability issues.  I have also been posting those corrections to the ITU SG-16 mailing list and to the Packetizer web site.

I received good news this week: the ITU has agreed to accept those corrections for the final published texts.  I have already updated the H.323 version 4 text and hope to have H.225.0v4 updated soon.  You can download the new text from the Packetizer site (linking to the PictureTel avc-site).  The corrections that were applied to H.323v4 and the corrections that will be applied to H.225.0v4 can also be found on the Packetizer site.

Best Regards,
Paul E. Jones
Rapporteur, ITU-T Q.2/16

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