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Baese Gero Gero.X.Baese at MCHP.SIEMENS.DE
Wed Feb 7 11:20:03 EST 2001

 Hi All,

  This is with reference to Section 7.2.7 in H.323 V4 Specification on
Usage Information Reporting. I will appreciate if someone could clarify
a couple of things here.
 1) RasUsageSpecification (as returned by Gk to Gw) specifies what should
a Gw return in RasUsageInformation. Gk defines the callStartingPoint
as alerting/connect in callStartingPoint Sequence in RasUsageSpecification.
This is an OPTIONAL sequence. Is there any default call starting point
that Gw must assume if Gk does not fill callStartingPoint sequence and
still wants startTime reporting (as indicated by filling startTime in
RasUsageInfoTypes field in RasUsageSpecification).

2) When field in RasUsgageSpecification indicates to the Gw the time
when it should send RasUsageInformation to Gk. One of the options is
"start" of the call. What point of time in a call sequence does the
"start" refer to. If it is reception/sending of Setup, there would be
invalid timestamps in alertingTime and connectTime in RasUsageInformation.

3) One of the options in When field in RasUsageSpecification is inIrr.
This instructs the Gw to send RasUsageInformation in solicited/unsolicited
IRRs. Again if multiple IRRs get sent during the duration of the call,
what additional information is Gw providing to Gk in terms of

I will appreciate any pointers for the above.
Manoj Paul.

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