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Attached is AVD-2052 for the Luanceston meeting.

Paul or Mr. Okubo,

I was not able to upload this document to the ftp site.
could one of you please upload it for me.

Thank you.


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APC-2068 Improved Auditing in H.248 Version 2
APC-2069 Proposed Additions to the Implementors' Guide for H.248
APC-2070 Documenting H.248 Packages
APC-2090 BICC CS3 contributions on end-to-end QoS service control
APC-2091 Comments to SG 16 Draft H.GEF.2 (Number Portability
Interworking between H.323 and SCN)

have been uploaded to avc-site/Incoming.

Regards, Christian

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