H.248 Syntax im H.323 Annex L

Paul, Manoj mpaul at TRILLIUM.COM
Mon Feb 26 14:13:20 EST 2001

 Hi All,

        Could someone point out the reason for keeping h248Message codepoint
OCTET STRING in stimulusControl IE in H.323 Version 4 for Annex L support.
        H.323 Annex L specifies h248Message as OCTET STRING in
stimulusControl code
point. This surely saves importing H.248 ASN.1 syntax in H.323, but it does
require the user to encode/decode H.248 PDUs as text/BER. And then re-encode
the H248
message as an OCTET STRING using PER in H.323 UUPDU.
 Was there any reason why the specific H.248 codepoints were not imported in
so that the user may have to use only PER encode scheme to encode
IE. Does not the earlier approach necessiates the user to have H.248
with H.323 to support Annex L?

Thanks for your time,
Manoj Paul.
Trillium Digital Systems, Inc.

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